Malaysian Link UK (MLUK) is an independent entity and was constituted in 2008 by a seminal group composed of like-minded Malaysians living and working in the UK being the founding members.


In our opinion, there was a dire need for a single effective body driven by the Malaysian private sector in the UK to act as a voice of the Malaysian Diaspora in the UK on issues (contentious and non-contentious) that directly affect us in our dealings with both the Malaysian and the UK authorities. On many occasions, we have witnessed in the UK a total lack of awareness and also misconceptions about Malaysian political, social, economic and cultural aspects. This has too often led to negative perceptions of Malaysia in the UK. It is our strong belief that the Malaysian Diaspora in the UK could play a meaningful role in addressing these issues. Accordingly, we at MLUK feel it is imperative that we work closely and in tandem with the Malaysian High Commission to address these concerns and deal with any issues that directly affect Malaysia’s image in the UK as well as the overall Malaysia – UK bilateral relations.     


(a)To promote an enlightened and positive approach to Malaysia – UK relations in the UK government, UK Parliament, the British media and the wider British public.

 (b) To raise the profile of Malaysia in the UK by enhancing the positive perceptions and dispelling any negative impressions of Malaysia in the UK.

(c) To be a vehicle for information, act as a sounding board and provide advice and an informed perspective on aspects of politics, social politics, education and trade as well as provide feedback to political, economic and business leaders in Malaysia. MLUK will also undertake a similar service to members of the British political apparatus and captains of industries in the UK on matters that affect Malaysia’s good- standing and UK – Malaysia bilateral relations.

(d) MLUK will also, as deemed necessary undertake to influence policy directives by acting as an external think tank  to both the Malaysian and UK Trade and Investment authorities,with the primary purpose to advice as well as offer frank and transparent views albeit on a strictly confidential basis so as to assist with policy directives as they relate to Malaysian political, social politics, education or trade matters with the United Kingdom.

(e) MLUK also aims to act as a sounding board and a voice for Malaysian Diaspora on key contentious and non-contentious issues so as to be in a position to convey it to both the British and the Malaysian authorities.

(f) In furtherance of the above objectives, MLUK shall seek to meet with political and Trade leaders  and captains of industries from Malaysia when they visit the UK or meet with them in Malaysia. Also, MLUK will undertake to establish contact with opinion, policy and decision makers in the UK. Toward this end, MLUK shall lobby members of British Parliament and NGOs and inform them of its concerns about all matters which directly or indirectly affect Malaysia – UK relations.

(g) Notwithstanding the fact it is an independent entity, MLUK shall for the purpose of good order, maintain albeit an ad-hoc working close relationship with the Malaysian High Commission in London as well as with any other Malaysian associations such as MIDA, MATRADE, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysian Education Department in London,  Immigration Department and Malaysian student bodies,  in the UK.  Likewise MLUK will maintain close links with British government agencies such as Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the United Kingdom Trade and Investment (UKTI) and the other UK think tank bodies.

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